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Some of our menu items do change with the seasons, but our most popular items are always available.


  • mac n cheese bites

  • armadillo eggs (jalapeno pepper wrapped in cream cheese, pork & bacon)

  • jalapeno poppers (deep fried jalapeno wedges stuffed with cream & shredded cheese & spices)

  • chili jack bread (Italian bread loaf sliced in half, topped with green chile sauce & 2 kinds of cheese, then baked)

              Hand Helds

  • Jumbo Dog (all beef with NY-style sauce)

  • Jumbo Chili Dog (featuring our house made chili) you can also add cheese & bacon

  • bacon-wrapped smoked sausage

  • chicken hand pie (like a gourmet hot pocket but a million times better)

  • peameal on a bun

  • gourmet grilled cheese (made with real cheddar & gruyere)

  • Pork smash burger (house made, with a grilled pineapple ring on top)


  • loaded mac n cheese

  • bourbon-peach BBQ beans (you'll never eat beans out of a can again!)

  • creamy apple-cranberry coleslaw

  • creamy macaroni salad

  • red potato salad (served warm in the fall & winter for extra yum)

  • fresh Caesar or spring mix salad (with a choice of our house made vinaigrette or creamy dressing) *available spring till late fall

  • roasted corn cobs with melty garlic butter

          Year-round Faves

  • pulled pork or chicken on a bun (served with a side of slaw & a giant Marty's pickle)

  • Mac N Squeal (loaded mac n cheese topped with our famous pulled pork)

  • Mac N Cluck (loaded mac n cheese toped with our famous pulled chicken)

  • Taco Pig (2 soft taco bowls filled with pulled pork & all the taco-style toppings)

  • Chili and a Bun (available fall & winter)

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